We hold several Self Defense Act classes per month and would like to see you in one.
The class is an 8 hour course where we cover the state mandated curriculum. If you attend one of our all day, 8 hour, classes we provide pizza for lunch.  

You will need a pen or pencil and scratch paper. 
You will also need your gun (unloaded of course) in a bag or carrying case, ear protection, eye protection, a ball cap, and 50 rounds of ammunition.

We also do private group classes for families, friends, churches and businesses. For more information and pricing please call us at 405-310-2666.

Friday classes are from 9am-5pm
Saturday classes are from 8am-4pm
Sunday classes are from 1pm to 9pm
Monday & Tuesday night classes are from 6pm-10pm

Cost for class and license:
      Class is $60
      License: 5 year is $100, 10 year is $200
      Sheriff Department fee $25
      Two passport photos, you can get these the day of   

      class for $10.

Lost SDA Certificate replacement fee - $10

March 2019
2nd - Saturday - 8am-4pm​                            

February 2019

24th - Sunday - 1pm-9pm

January 2019
19th - Saturday - 8am-4pm​                            
20th - Sunday - 1pm-9pm

​December 2018
29th - Saturday - 8am-4pm​